Freestyle Soccer/Football Skills

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Online watching videos of dance moves and stumbled across these crazy videos. Man the inspiration was classic. So now brought me a ball and am gonna start practicing to step my freestyle game up and will see what happens. Not expecting nothing at first as these things take time to learn, but will see what happens. Enjoy.


Dance Centre Myway: Beyonce – 7/11 choreography by Dima Petrovich

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Dance Choreography

This was what I woke up listening to this morning and dancing too. Yes, this song actually works really well. So check it out…and don’t forget to go to their page and show them some LOVE……..and keep creating, whoever, whatever, and where ever, you are.


More Jerkin videos

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Okay people so just adding some more jerking videos that I liked…..they were pretty good…if I’m right there is gonna be a resurgence of this movement I have a get ready, get ready, get ready, lol…until then enjoy the videos…