Dance Choreography Sexy Girls and Hip Hop

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Well so today, I decided to give you all a treat (well for some of you). So there are 2 dance videos. One with some girls learning how to dance and another of a real hip hop competition. So go check it out.

The Dance Day Vol. 2 | Night Cypher | Mumbai

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Online playing around looking for dance videos and came across this video. They are some young kids out of Mumbai doing some B boying footwork. Enjoy. These dudes were nice.

Ciara – Wake Up, No Make-Up hip-hop workshop by Miss Lee – Dance Centre Myway

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Another dance video from Dance Center MyWay. These artists at this school/organization or onto something. Keep going guys keep going, keep creating.

Music Quotes

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Online surfing like I do and cam across this artist name Carmen. She has a nice vibe and the visuals in this video were pretty damn impressive. Well enjoy. Here’s a link to her fan page.