Dance Choreography: “Adios” by Ricky Martin Dance Fitness by Michelle

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This was a really good solo dance performance video that I found online. It must be awesome to workout with such a nice setting. Well enjoy.

Schmooney dance “National Dance Trend

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So if your in school I’m sure everyone is already doing it..if your not…you have probably heard the dance or seen people doing the dance. So i decided to cover it. This little dance that everyone is doing called the Schmooney dance, I found some pretty cool dances online of people doing the dance and decided to share it with you all. Here you go:



EDM Festival Music Video

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So I was surfing all in and around youtube and came across this Awesome, EDM Music video showing clips and pics of different festivals and people having a great time as the events. That’s all. I hope you enjoy too.

Dance Centre Myway: Beyonce – 7/11 choreography by Dima Petrovich

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Dance Choreography

This was what I woke up listening to this morning and dancing too. Yes, this song actually works really well. So check it out…and don’t forget to go to their page and show them some LOVE……..and keep creating, whoever, whatever, and where ever, you are.