Dirty Trap Electro Music “Crazy Workout Song” by DJ Electramorhipism

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Dirty Trap Electro JErkin Music

In this track called Crazy Workout Song created by DJ Electramorhipism. Enjoy…the mix.

Gucci Mane Feat. Kevin Mccall – That’s That choreography Alena Elina

80s Music, Choreography, Creative arts, Creative Express, Creative Music, Dance, Dance Centre MyWay, Kiev, Kiev HipHop, Ukraine, Underground

Wow, once again these choreographers out of the Ukraine are on one…..well all I can say is enjoy………


Elvis All Shook Up VS Madonna Hung Up Bootleg by DJ Electramorhipism

80s Music, Change, Creative arts, EDC, EDM, Electramorhipism, Electronic Dance Music, Mashup, Remix

This was a mashup that I found online by this dude that calls himself, Electramorhipism. Sounds like he was playing around with music and trying to find new connections and combinations, he actually came out with some new connections. So enjoy and check it out. Goodnight, Goodright, Goodtrite and Goodfight, but not before Goodmight. Electramorhipism’s Representative himself signing out.


80s Music, Carmen Cold, Creative arts, HipHop, Kpop, Pop, Trap Music, You aint never had a bitch this cold

Online surfing like I do and cam across this artist name Carmen. She has a nice vibe and the visuals in this video were pretty damn impressive. Well enjoy. Here’s a link to her fan page. http://introducingcarmen.com/

Depeche Mode Versus Master Ace MAsh up

80s Music, Bootleg, Creative arts, Creative Music, Electramorhipism, Mashup, Master ace, Underground

So in this quick video, this artists that calls himself Electramorhipism made a mashup mixing Master Ace, and Depeche Mode. So will like it. He doesn’t know why he does these things but he he just has too. Well hope you enjoy.