Bush “Swallowed”

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Decided to play this song this morning, brought back high school days and memories. well enjoy and don’t annoy. Lol. The sound is Awesome.


Music Quotes

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Dare 2 Dance

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This is a Dancing show that combines dance or performance arts with creativity. So enjoy the video, who knows it might give you some creative ideas in regards to what to do and how to make it happen. You never know where music or creativity is going to come from so always be open…and don’t forget to listen to the beat of your own drum.

Michael Jackson’s: Thriller

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Since Halloween is right around the corner, decided to get started with this one. Bringing back memories and to get you all prepared to become a better artist you should and can learn from other artists. Just saying, well enjoy, the Classic from one of the greatest artists of all time, Thriller. Byt he way this could have actually been a short film. It’s Michael, people would have payed whatever price to see the film.

West Coast Song Writers Conference

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This is a link to page for a conference that is held in Los Altos, Ca for songwriters and singers. It’s a really good link and very helpful to anyone who lives on the west coast or has the resources to come to the west coast. So enjoy.


How Musicians Make Money

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Here’s a great article on Musicians and how they earn there money or the different ways that they can make money. Well if you don’t see ways to make money here, you can use your brain to come up with ideas to make money that aren’t even on this list, well enjoy.


Korg Vocal Harmonizer

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This is so awesome. This is a demo of a Korg Vocal Harmonizer. I have to get one of these you could do so much cool stuff with this thing. Enjoy. All he needs is a marketing team behind him and some press and Bammmm. Superstar.